Understanding Payments and Fees.

Choosing therapy is a significant step toward enhancing your family’s well-being. Recognizing the lasting impact of our services, we also understand the financial considerations involved. To ease this part of your decision, an initial consultation, either by phone or in person, is complimentary.

Tailored Financial Estimates

Given the unique nature of each client’s therapeutic journey, costs vary based on the personalized assessment and treatment plan. We invite you to discuss your specific situation with us for a clearer understanding of the expected investment. Typically, assessments range from $700 to $2400, while session fees fall between $100 and $200.

Flexible Payment Solutions
  • Immediate Payment: Sessions can be paid for at the time of service with check or cash.
  • Monthly Billing: Opt for convenience with our Intuit Payment Network, allowing for secure online payments directly from your bank, detailed in monthly emailed statements.
  • Pre-Payment Discount: Benefit from discounts by paying for 30 sessions upfront.
Insurance and Billing Support

As a private pay facility, GHC extends billing services to your insurance as a courtesy, facilitating potential partial reimbursements for those with out-of-network benefits. Given the complexity of billing for services like feeding therapy, we assist in verifying benefits for applicable therapy services.

Maximizing Benefits and Support
  • Employer Flex-Plans: Explore tax-saving flex-plans through your employer to allocate pre-tax dollars for therapy services.
  • Sponsorships: In collaboration with the Marshall Foundation, the Growing Healthy Children Fund offers sponsorships for families needing financial assistance.