S.O.S. Feeding Solutions


Holistic Feeding Therapy

Crafted by Dr. Kay Toomey and her interdisciplinary team, the SOS Feeding Solutions therapy stands as a testament to two decades of dedicated clinical work. This holistic program seamlessly blends motor, oral, behavioral, medical, sensory, and nutritional strategies, closely reflecting the developmental journey of feeding skills in children. It promises a well-rounded approach to overcoming feeding and growth challenges, fostering healthy eating habits from the ground up.


Multidisciplinary Foundation

At the core of SOS Feeding Solutions lies a rich collaboration among Pediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, and Speech Therapists. This union forms a solid foundation that supports the program’s philosophy—every child’s feeding development mirrors the typical stages observed in their peers, providing a natural blueprint for therapeutic intervention.


Assessment and Referral

The program begins with a thorough assessment, ensuring any physical barriers to feeding development are identified and referred for further medical evaluation if needed. It simultaneously addresses nutritional needs tailored to each child’s specific growth and developmental requisites, evaluating skills and learning capabilities essential for successful feeding.


Tailored Treatment Strategies

Treatment strategies draw from these developmental insights, employing a systematic desensitization hierarchy to ease children into accepting various textures and achieving healthy growth. Through this methodical approach, SOS Feeding Solutions guides children towards embracing a broader range of foods, marking significant milestones in their eating journey.

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