GHC Roseville Science Camp 2023!

We had an amazing time during our Science Camp in our Roseville Clinic this summer!

On Monday we did ooey-gooey projects and games to help build fine motor skills and help kids get comfortable with textures. We also explored and talked about the differences between various messy touch experiences because understanding increases comfort.

On Tuesday, we made volcanoes with homemade playdough and our own lava lamps! We practiced generating ideas, planning out the steps, problem solving, and adjusting our plans to bring these items to life. Executive function and motor planning skills grew for all!

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we did construction activities to learn about the properties of different materials. We got to use our touch sense and build our awareness of force and pressure. We played balloon games and had water experiments to learn about displacement and use our visual sense.

All of our themed camps put friendship, teamwork, self-expression, comfort, and participation at the forefront. Then we try to have as much fun as possible using sensory rich activities and “just right” motor challenges so that each child can expand their growing edge. There is still time to join us this year!!