Jean Niemann

Occupational Therapist, Registered and Licensed, CA

I graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and have spent over 30 years working as an OT in both adult and pediatrics. My professional journey in pediatrics includes acute care, neonatal intensive care, school districts, and as a consultant on tone inhibition, seating, and positioning. I love assessing movement and posture as it is so paramount to function. Having a Neurodevelopmental certification has been instrumental in my work as a therapist and Assistive Technology Professional.

As an occupational therapist, I’ve had the privilege of providing in-services to schools on topics such as sensory regulation, visual processing, and handwriting. Additionally, I have presented on the Affolter technique at Ohio State University and Community Hospital of Los Gatos, neurorehabilitation at the Pacific Stroke Conference, and visual rehabilitation at El Camino Hospital.

I’m passionate about creative solutions that allow individuals to live more autonomously and accomplish their meaningful life tasks. I believe that a disability should not be seen as an inability to succeed. There is no job more important than launching healthy children who feel unconditionally loved and supported in their world.

Treatment Approach

Integrative, Neuro-developmental, Affolter


Movement analysis and treatment through NDT approach, Assistive Technology, Implantable Microscopic Telescope Lens trained

Joined GHS

Years in practice

Alma Mater

San Jose State University



Additional Certifications

Certified Assistive Technology Professional

NDT Certification

Certified Fall Prevention Specialist