Irina Rudometkina


I first became interested in occupational therapy when I learned how vast of an impact it can make on the life of an individuals and their loved ones. I have worked alongside knowledgeable therapists at Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and Children’s Therapy clinics and schools with children of various ages and conditions. I love working as an occupational therapist because I get to see the lives of the students/children I serve change for the better, and I get the privilege of being a part of improving their independence and quality of life. I value and enjoy this career, and I look forward to learning more about how to support those I serve and grow in their engagement with and enjoyment of life!

Treatment Approach

Holistic; Compensatory; Sensory; Top-down


Pediatric School-based Occupational Therapy

Joined GHS

Years in practice

Alma Mater

Sacramento City College


English, Russian