Do you have a little one who needs some help getting ready for pre-school or Kindergarten?

This OT led, online group will:
– meet them at their level
– use fun activities
– facilitate regulation and attention while building new skills
– mail a materials kit to your home that includes activities for the session as well as extension activities.

Come help us “round up” the animals and help your child feel more confident and ready to be successful in the fall!

If you would like to work with your child on your own, here is a fun idea to fit into your daily life this summer:

Window Markers!!

Kids love to draw on your large sliding doors or windows.

Benefits include:

1. Using a vertical surface helps to build the shoulder stability they will need for better pencil grasping patterns.
2. Large surfaces (as opposed to a small piece of paper) facilitate better midline crossing and eye tracking.
3. Bright colors and large movements offer more sensory input for our sensory seekers or sensory under-responsive kiddos.
4. This activity becomes a multi-step task when they have to wash the door/window to start over.
5. Using a spray bottle of water for cleaning up will facilitate whole hand strength.
Increase the challenge (if appropriate) by:1. Have them stand on a balance pad, rocker board, or any safe but wobbly surface.
2. Draw large roads or maze paths for them to follow and stay within the boundaries (wide or narrow depending on ability).
3. Make a connect-the-dots drawing for them to complete.
4. Write a wish list of things to do that day (or the daily schedule) on the window/door. This is a visual support that will not be easily missed!
5. Use shaving cream or finger paint instead of markers (an increased challenge for our kids who are sensitive to being messy). Keep a warm wet towel near by so hands can be wiped as needed for regulation