Summer vacation means there is more time for play!!! We realize that searching the Internet for theme-based and sensory-rich activities to do with your kids can be overwhelming. We decided to do the work for you! This 6 part series will feature the six themes of our 2018 GHC Summer Camps: Science/STEM, Nature, Cooking, Legos, Star Wars, and Super Heroes. You can have your own mini-camp experience at home or join us for a full week to explore any of these themes.

Summer Lego Ice Rescue from:

You can keep cool by playing with a big block of ice! Let your children practice using a variety of fine motor tools to excavate the Legos from the ice block. Real tools are great for older kids. A cup or spray bottle of warm water works if you need to keep it simple for the little ones. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a Legos themed activity. You can freeze any character or toy that is of interest. You could also make it nature themed and freeze rocks, shells, sticks, leaves, etc.