Summer vacation means there is more time for play!!! We realize that searching the Internet for theme-based and sensory-rich activities to do with your kids can be overwhelming. We decided to do the work for you! This 6 part series will feature the six themes of our 2018 GHC Summer Camps: Science/STEM, Nature, Cooking, Legos, Star Wars, and Super Heroes. You can have your own mini-camp experience at home or join us for a full week to explore any of these themes.

Messy Brain Surgeon from:

You can use a variety of materials to fill this simple brain mold. With the finished product your kids can learn about the parts of the brain and have a rich tactile sensory experience. We especially like to teach kids about their amygdala, how it can take charge sometimes, and how we can keep it calm. You can learn more about this part of the brain here: